High Plains Fall Fling Vendor & Craft Show

The 2nd Annual High Plains Fall Fling Vendor & Craft Show is an event where you can rent a booth space and showcase your handy-work on items you have personally made, or bring your company and show us and all attendants what makes the products you market the best in the business…or simply just come and take a walk through our vendors!  I am sure everyone will find something they can’t live without! This is a one day event that we put on in conjunction with the High Plains Music Fest.  Vendors are welcome to set up at 9 a.m. and stay until 6 p.m. to catch the out of town traffic showing up for the much anticipated High Plains Music Fest.  If you are interested in having a booth, want to participate in our 1st Annual Sand Volleyball Tournament, or need to purchase tickets to the Music Fest, give us a call today!

Hugoton Chamber of Commerce

630 S. Main Street

Hugoton, KS 67951


 Fall Fling