Lead Through Service

Unique FREE Customer Service Presentation Coming to Dodge City on April 15, 2014!  Spur-On Employees to Extraordinary Hospitality

At the heart of fantastic and memorable customer service is, simply, SERVICE.  Those who want to be great leaders — who truly want to make a difference in the lives of others and in the world around them — will master the sills provided by providing an outstanding service experience.  We will look at what world-class organizations do to provide that service to others, and how you can make these principles stand out in your own life, as well as in your community.  FREE ADMISSION (a $200 value)!

The Southwest Kansas Library System, along with the Dodge City Public Library, the Dodge City Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Dodge City Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, is pleased to announce free admission to customer service training presentations, “Lead Through Your Service” and “Lead Through Your Customer”, that will encourage business leaders and employees to strive to create fantastic and memorable customer service. The presentations are open to businesses and service organizations throughout southwest Kansas and will be held at the United Wireless Conference Center in Dodge City.

jeff koberSpeaker J. Jeff Kober has focused on organizational transformation for the private, public, and nonprofit sectors for nearly 30 years. Jeff is well known for his design of Disney customer service programs and the application of those concepts to the corporate world through the popular benchmarking title “Be Our Guest”. Former clients include Federal Express, Office Depot, City of New York, and the Starwood Hotel brands of Westin, Sheraton, and St. Regis.  He will give two presentations on customer service at the United Wireless Convention Center on April 15th.  “If you want to raise the bar in customer service, this is a unique opportunity for you!”, notes Director of the Dodge City Convention and Visitor’s Bureau Jan Stevens. According to Stevens, “This presentation is part of the ongoing benefits the Dodge City Hospitality Program offers to this area”.  Anyone in the service industry who strives to attract and retain customers should plan to attend one or both sessions.

The morning session, 8:30-11:30, “Lead Through Your Service”, will assist and encourage those who want to be great leaders to master the skills needed to provide an outstanding service experience. Jeff will talk about what world class organizations do to provide extraordinary service and how you can apply those principles to your situation.

The afternoon session, 1:00-4:00 pm, “Lead With Your Customer”, will help front line staff to understand who the customer is and how to establish systems that ensure a consistent customer experience. In addition to talking about what to do when there are service challenges, Jeff will review approaches taken by world-class businesses to create a great service experience.

Jeff has created his own training and development group, Performance Journeys, devoted to developing and implementing improved customer service and performance excellence. Jeff’s presentations are interactive, thought provoking, and inspiring.  He is also partner and CEO at World Class Benchmarking where he provides a programming series that studies and benchmarks many of American’s greatest corporations including Google, Nordstrom, McDonalds, Harley Davidson, and the Mayo Clinic.
Normally, you would need to pay a high price tag for training and travel costs so your staff could attend seminars of this caliber. However, the Dodge City Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, the Dodge City Chamber of Commerce, Dodge City Public Library, and Southwest Kansas Library System are bringing these sessions to you without a fee for registration.

You don’t want to miss these sessions! Register by April 14 at your convenience with the Dodge City Chamber of Commerce either by email at info@dodgechamber.com or by phone at 620-227-3119 and plan to be at the United Wireless Conference Center on April 15th.

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